REG D (9/23/2010)

 Regulation D

A federal law that applies to all federally-insured financial institutions

Regulation D allows a maximum of six withdrawals or transfers per month from your non-transaction accounts such as your Savings and/or Money Marketing accounts.

Please view the chart below for Regulation D limitations.


  • Home Banking
  • Telephone Service Center transfers
  • Overdraft transfers to cover checks
  • Point of Sale (POS) transactions from Savings or Money Market Account(s) (limit 3)*
  • Overdraft transfers to cover Point of Sale (POS), ATM and Visa® Check Card transactions (limit 3)*
  • Checks to a third party—Money Market Account (MMA) (limit 3)*
  • Electronic debits—Automated Clearing House (ACH)/Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) (limit 3)*

*Plus combination of six of the three bullet points.


  • ATM
  • In-person (transfers or loan payments)
  • Credit union checks sent to the account holder
  • Mail (transfers or loan payments)

Below are a few tips to help you manage your non-transaction accounts and avoid Regulation D limits:

Within your Checking account:

  • Make one large transfer instead of several small transfers. Each transfer (made by calling the Home Banking) counts as one transaction.
  • Keep sufficient balances in your Checking account to avoid overdrafts. Every overdraft made from your Savings account into your Checking account counts as one transaction. You're only allowed six overdrafts to cover checks and three to cover POS and MasteCard® Check Card transactions. After you reach the limit, you may be subject to non-sufficient funds fees.
  • Set up ACH automatic debits with merchants or service providers to come out of your Checking account instead of your Savings account. Checking accounts are not subject to Regulation D.

Line of Credit transfers:

  • Apply for a CU  overdraft protection Line of Credit. Regulation D transfer limits do not apply.

ATM transfers:

  • Perform transfers at an ATM or in person in our office.

Please call a Member Service Representative