Supported Browsers for Flexteller and Mobile (3/28/2016)

To All FLEXTeller and Mobi¢int Clients:

Please be advised that supported browsers for FLEXTeller and Mobi¢int include:

  • Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer 11+ or Edge
  • Opera
  • Safari 9+
Because of increased security concerns arising from older versions of these browsers no longer being supported by their respective providers, and because we no longer receive their security updates, CMC will not be able to support any browser not listed above. Furthermore, we will be updating our Mobi¢int servers on March 28th which will cause Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) users to be denied access to FLEXTeller and Mobi¢int. We anticipate this to affect only 0.5% of FLEXTeller and Mobi¢int users. Microsoft has also discontinued support of IE 10 and CMC plans to discontinue its support on May 1, 2016, affecting only 1.0% of users. Similarly, as Safari 6.2 becomes less secure, support will be provided only for Safari 9+. All other browsers (not listed above) have not been tested with FLEXTeller or Mobi¢int.

We invite you to suggest using the most current version of the above five browsers to your members for the best, and most secure, experience when using FLEXTeller or Mobi¢int.