eNFACT ( Electonic Neural Fraud Analysis and Card Tracking) (2/23/2007)

What is eNfact?

eNFact, is a Falcon based system for fraud detection. It uses a neural network,daily reports,and a call center of skilled analysts to access the likelihood that fraud is occurring on an account, and to provide notification or card statusing as appropriate.

What are the benefits and how does it work?

eNFact assesses the fraud risk of debit activity without delaying transactions or inconveniencing cardholders.

We have added 45 days of  history of our members spending habits and the system will look at that and build spending pattern history going forward.  If the system detects unusual spending habits they will call our office during business hours 8:00a-:4:00p to confrim fraud we will then try and contact our member.  If we cannot the member we will restrict the card and if the fraud happens in the evening hours the call center will restrict the card as well.

The credit union reviews reports first thing in the morning too see if  any cards were restricted in the evening and then try and contact our member.

Remember this is a new system and will take a while to learn cardholders spending patterns, observe changes and adjust profiles. If you are going out of the country please let the credit union know so that we will know not to restrict your card or can unrestrict your card if the call center restricts in the evening.

We want to appoligize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause you, but this new service is in place for the protection of members account.